Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back in Time - My School Life

My school life really started at standard 4. At least I remember something about it. Yeah, I got transferred from Cheroh Tamil school to Ampang Tamil school in 1993. 
This was where I met some new people in my life circle. Friends. Not many, but few of them, where we share some common interests. We were real thick friends. 

It lasted until last year 2013, until he had some new people in his life. To be frank, I really don't have much friends in my life. It's not that I don't want, but I don't simply mingle around people with different mind set. I feel better and easy to be friends with common interests. But I never forgot to be thankful for whatever they did for me. That's me. 

"நன்றி மறப்பது நன்னன்று நன்றல்லது
அன்றே மறப்பது நன்று"

That's how Jegan came into this. After UPSR, everyone from Ampang Tamil school went to either Taman Kosas or Tasek but I alone went to Hulu Kelang simply because the school is just behind my housing area, Kg. Berembang. Just 5 minute walk from my house. Yup, that near. 

Since I got good results in UPSR, I was placed in first class of form 1, '1 Jujur'. Everyone talking in Malay & English. For me it's like being in different world compared to Tamil school. Even teachers was teaching and speaking too fast. I just able to catch up one or two words from their sentences. It was a though time for me. So, I like to be alone most of the time, because of this communication barrier. Luckily they had moral classes where they combine two classes. That's where I met Jegan Kumar and his gang (Kajendiran). He asked me to join them in recess time. He was my saver on that time. 

And then it continued with 2 Ikhlas, 3 Ikhlas, 4P1, 5P1, Lower 6 One & Upper 6 One. 

Many unforgettable things happened in school. Mainly love, which was a failure too. From form 1 until university. Same girl. Yeah, kinda stupid right? But back in there, it was fun. I was more like a 'sentimental idiot'. How do I know it will end up as a failure? If I knew it earlier, I definitely should have tried some other offers ��. I'm serious. I really rejected many offers just because of this one girl. And then she rejected me for someone else. Hahaha What to do? That's life! Enough with love, otherwise we have to watch 'Vinnaithandi Varuvayaa?" Part 2. I believe most of us experience the same in different situations. 

May be this is the way to learn life lessons. We want everything in our life as expected. But in reality, not all are luckily or unlucky. 

UUM. Bachelor in Economics. Yup, Sintok Kedah. Damn, that's really so so so far. New environment. New people. New experience. 

Thamo and Gane was became best buddies after university. But then same climax again for our friendship. After they got married they became busy as others. Nothing new for me, but life must go on. 

Back in Time - My life in 90s

Back in time, I was a good boy. Seriously. It's true, please... try to accept the fact. Basically I was very shy, even sometimes now and then too. In 1990, I was in kindergarten. Yes, you're may be right about my age. But then I spent two years in kindergarten.

Everything began at Cheroh, Pahang. Later I'll attach some photos of it. Yes, I'm still keeping those photos. Memories. Even you can go back there in reality, we still do sometimes through this photos. But, sorry to say, I really don't remember much about my past. It's not short term, I believe it's a long-term memory loss. Technically, my brain don't really have enough storage to keep everything in order and I really don't defrag much to refresh those memories. Simply because I don't have anybody in contact from that period except my family.

If not mistaken, my friends names are Selvaraj (Ranjith) and Vadivelan. I am very certain about Vadivelan but not Selvaraj. We played sometimes and spent sometimes together after school. Nothing much in memory.

Although we don't have nothing much there, even till today, it was good, because nothing really important at that point of time. Just another day to pass by. No worries about anything. Even 'nasi lemak' during that period is just $0.30. My daily pocket money is just $0.50.

Talking about my house, the first house in that estate. They call it 'Cheroh estate'. It no more. Ours was just beside the big temple & big aalamaram. Thiruvizhas that time was kinda big event of temple. Everyone will gather and celebrate it ...... Poojas for a week with lots of activites and even games. The most fun and still in my memory is 'Vazhukku Maram'.  I don't think so people are still celebrating it anymore. May be they do.

My parents was a rubber tappers. My father was a mander to that estate. It means he is the one who will give salary to all the other workers. May be same as manager this time.

In 1991, we all was moved to Taman Bintang. No one was staying at the estate anymore. It was kinda big taman, and very difficult to meet each other. At this point of time, my siblings started to move to KL, looking for some jobs. Thats how one by one moved to KL except my parents and I.

So, after 1992, my parents also moved to KL, so that it's better to be together as family. But then, it was not as easy as expected. Since no one is completed their secondary school, it was very hard to get a good job.  But, they slowly become better and better. It's from one rental house to another until we moved to our own house. First we stayed at Ampang Campuran (1992-1994), Pandan Indah (1995) than finally at Kampung Berembang (1996-2003).

For me, everything is started at Ampang Tamil school.